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Bus Stop


There are well-written songs and there are great-sounding tracks. I’m obsessed with the idea of aiming for both at once. This is one of the more traditional recent songs in the sense that it is about as close to a ballad as I really want to go. Lyrically it’s a little melancholy existentialist scenario rather than a narrative but it has a classic verse/chorus/middle-eight song structure. This one’s in Em if you want to play along.

Playlist, December 2014


King Crimson – The Elements – album

Pere Ubu – The Tenement Year – album

King Crimson – Fallen Angel – Red

Pere Ubu – Turpentine! – Worlds In Collision

The Beach Boys – Long Promised Road – Surf’s Up

Medicine Head – (And The) Pictures In The Sky – The Very Best Of

The Yardbirds – You’re A Better Man Than I – The Very Best Of

The Kinks – Dead End Street – The Ultimate Collection

The Who – Join Together – Rarities 1970-73

Love Affair – Rainbow Valley – The Best Of

Gentle Giant – Funny Ways – Playing The Fool

The Monkees – The Porpoise Song – The Definitive Monkees

The Beatles – I’ve Got A Feeling – Let It Be…Naked

Gentle Giant – The Power And The Glory – album

Pixies – Greens And Blues – Indie Cindy

The Ghost Of A Sabretooth Tiger – Midnight Sun – album

Playlist, October 2014

Pere Ubu – Carnival Of Souls – album

Neu! – Hallogallo – Neu!

Jeff Buckley – Last Goodbye – Grace

The Black Keys – Just Got To Be – Magic Potion

Fifty Foot Hose – Red The Sign Post – Cauldron

St. Vincent – Rattlesnake – St. Vincent

The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band – Shifting Sands – Part One

The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band – Smell Of Incense – Volume Two

Led Zeppelin – Whole Lotta Love – Led Zeppelin II

Pink Floyd – Chapter 24 – The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn

The Beatles – Anthology 2 – Disc 2

Lola Colt – Vacant Hearts – Away From The Water

The Wytches – Wire Frame Mattress – Annabel Dream Reader

The Pop Group – We Are Time (John Peel Session) – Curiosities

Goblin – Suspiria – album

The Beatles – Magical Mystery Tour – album

The Pop Group – She Is Beyond Good And Evil – Y

The Pop Group – Trap – We Are Time