Recent digital photography



Some of the images on the Alternative World Collages page at are not actually collages at all but sit nicely in the company of the others. The one above is a good example. It may look like it has collaged layers but Photoshop was only used for cropping and adjusting the contrast. It comes from an ongoing series of images found in, or at the edge of, shallow water. I have become a bit obsessed with the soft, delicate textures and fine details that can be cropped into abstract compositions. Here, most of the image comprises forms on the bottom of a pond while the darker, sharper features such as twigs, leaves, insects and debris were on the surface of the water. The real coup was the inclusion of the flower blooms. They look like impossible shadows but, because the image is in negative, were formed by the reflection of tiny white flowers on the nearby bank. A lovely find.

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