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The Elemental Alternative World


A new album on flickr:

This is a small group of recent Alternative World images which, although somewhat abstract,

juxtapose features from (or evocative of) the traditional elements of air, earth, fire and water.

Adjustments used included cropping, inverting, rotating and contrast balancing but not,

perhaps surprisingly, superimposing or layering of any kind.

Lyrics are not the same as poetry

I know when you and the world disagree and you escape from the world outside,
It can seem like the top of a building where you’re standing too close to the edge.
You feel like the world is watching you because you want to hide.
There was a key in the lock of the door, an opportunity for sure,
But, for you, there was more value in the fact it could be removed
To stop the world from following … or to want to more.


Lyrics to new song More which is at the recording stage but I’m still fretting about the repetition of the word “world.”

Too much, too little, too obvious, necessary? This is why slightly paranoid people probably shouldn’t write about paranoia. How about just adding a howling noise?




Playlist, July 2014


The Phantom Band – Strange Friend – album

Interpol – Take You On A Cruise – Antics

Warpaint – Keep It Healthy – Warpaint

A R Kane – Down – i

A R Kane – Supervixens – i

A R Kane – Insect Love – i

Radiohead – The Bends – album

Pere Ubu – The Modern Dance – album

Samantha Crain – Mournful And Slow – Kid Face

Samantha Crain – For The Miner – Kid Face

Rodriguez – Crucify Your Mind – Searching For Sugar Man

Primal Scream – Higher Than The Sun – Screamadelica

Pink Floyd – BBC Sessions ’68/’69 – album

Cocteau Twins – Iceblink Luck – Heaven Or Las Vegas

Cocteau Twins – The Spangle Maker – The Pink Opaque

Talking Heads – Drugs – Fear Of Music

Groundhogs – Split Part One – Split