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New Sounds

I always liked the Mellotron flute in this track. It must remind me of those sixties psychedelic songs that combine lightness and heaviness in unique ways. It would have been a little too gloomy without it, I think, and it weaves beautifully round the guitar.

The Audio Page is here: with complete lyrics.

New Music

I’ve settled on the final masters for the new tracks. I’m using Soundcloud to make streams of songs available and hopefully get some feedback. The songs will be on rotation with a few available at a time. To get going and blow the cobwebs away, the first track is the awesome in-your-face Parasite which is a sort of abstracted protest song.

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false&visual=true” width=”100%” height=”450″ iframe=”true” /]

The audio page:

Recent digital photography



Some of the images on the Alternative World Collages page at are not actually collages at all but sit nicely in the company of the others. The one above is a good example. It may look like it has collaged layers but Photoshop was only used for cropping and adjusting the contrast. It comes from an ongoing series of images found in, or at the edge of, shallow water. I have become a bit obsessed with the soft, delicate textures and fine details that can be cropped into abstract compositions. Here, most of the image comprises forms on the bottom of a pond while the darker, sharper features such as twigs, leaves, insects and debris were on the surface of the water. The real coup was the inclusion of the flower blooms. They look like impossible shadows but, because the image is in negative, were formed by the reflection of tiny white flowers on the nearby bank. A lovely find.

Spring awakening


I’ve been hard at work on a new album. The website will get busier in the coming weeks! In the next few days, as the final masters are approved, I’ll post new songs on Soundcloud and then they can be streamed from the Audio pages here. If you follow Heda on Twitter you will have seen recent square art images which may feature as CD artwork. Watch this space…

Je Suis Charlie

Je Suis CharliePlease click the ‘Audio’ tab to hear the song and read the lyrics.

I spent most of the month wrestling with this issue. I’ve been shocked and moved by atrocities before, of course, but this hit hard because I felt included. That’s why people say “Je suis Charlie” because the attack on Charlie Hebdo was an attack on all of us who believe in the right of free speech or self-expression. This despicable, cowardly, sickening act by a twisted, unrepresentative few who feel threatened by debate, who, through desperation and inadequacy, cannot countenance difference, cannot tolerate dissent, was met by a dignified but defiant response from the French, people of all walks of life, young and old. Freedom of speech, of self-expression, is a vital right. If we are less than unequivocal about this, there will be a slide towards an obsequious tiptoeing around for fear of treading on toes or, worse, reprisals. Terrorism will have had some success. You can be respectful without compromising your truth. I’ve been shocked by some articles by seemingly intelligent writers who felt the need to announce that, no, in fact they were indeed NOT Charlie because one ought not to be rudely offensive about the ways and views of others. I’ve heard people say Charlie Hebdo wasn’t justified because they weren’t funny! That is not the point. It doesn’t matter how unfunny, puerile or offensive they were. The fact is they had the right to express an idea without fear of anything more than counter argument, argument as derisive, scathing and vitriolic as you like but counter argument, the life-blood of a healthy society open to new and evolving ideas… not a death sentence.

So I’ve wrestled, not because I’m unsure but because I never wanted to use music or art to preach. I like the song, the words probably do a better job than this rant. It just came out, as all songs do, as a response to life and the world at the time, not forced into being as part of some personal or political agenda or to jump on a bandwagon. This one is too important for that.


Recommended reading:

Polly Toynbee: “Yes, free speech has always had its limits – but verbal provocation is never an excuse for violence.”

On Charlie Hebdo, Pope Francis is using the wife-beater’s defence.


Look after each other.

Recent Drawings


There are nine new images in the Drawings Gallery from today, a selection of my favourites from September and October. I consciously tried to reduce the number of outline shapes, preferring to get lines and marks working together to create forms. I also try to avoid standard hatching to mimic tonal areas. When dark areas occur, as in 9-10-14-04, they are formed through the accretion of a variety of types of mark making. Because drawing is very gradual and quite controlled, I’ve tried to allow freer marks by occasionally pushing the pen using both hands, drawing blindly while observing other forms, turning the page or using my weaker hand. This way I can avoid some of the routine stylisms that would otherwise spew out, knowing that I am controlling the developing form as a whole.

High In The Sky

High In The Sky

High In The Sky

Where did September disappear to? Working on a serious studio tan and developing a possible sleeping disorder. Having stared at the music computer screen for a month I need to make an optician’s appointment. Very pleased with a couple of new tracks though which will get an airing soon once the final mixes are done.

Meanwhile, I’ve updated the Photography gallery with some of my river shots from the summer and added a special new page, The Elemental Alternative World, an extension of the flickr album I posted last month. The dramatic quality is inherent in the subject, not a conceit of mine. I did no layering whatsoever.

Lyrics are not the same as poetry

I know when you and the world disagree and you escape from the world outside,
It can seem like the top of a building where you’re standing too close to the edge.
You feel like the world is watching you because you want to hide.
There was a key in the lock of the door, an opportunity for sure,
But, for you, there was more value in the fact it could be removed
To stop the world from following … or to want to more.


Lyrics to new song More which is at the recording stage but I’m still fretting about the repetition of the word “world.”

Too much, too little, too obvious, necessary? This is why slightly paranoid people probably shouldn’t write about paranoia. How about just adding a howling noise?