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RIP Glen Campbell
RIP Glen Campbell. Glen and songwriter Jimmy Webb were responsible for one of the greatest pop songs ever. I’ve joked before that it’s my favourite song about telegraph poles (which it is) but that engineer up on his pylon in the middle of nowhere trying to maintain communications is one of the most poignant symbols of the human condition in a three minute tune…and Glen’s rich voice renders it perfectly without overstating the lonesomeness. Absolute class.

Aziza Brahim

Here’s a similar live version of Julud, the track Aziza Brahim performed to steal the show on Later with Jools Holland this week. A beautiful tune sung with grace and restraint (and none of those hideous vocal gymnastic tics they find essential on TV talent shows!). At YouTube you can click the About tab to read a great piece about the album and the political and personal themes that intertwine in the lyrics. When she sang “You are like the night and the stars… you are an example of humanity and of fight” about the persistent and dignified example her mother gave through the political oppression in the Western Sahara, it kinda made Chris Martin’s emoting of “A Sky Full Of Stars” on the same show seem unfortunate and slightly vacuous in comparison. There are stars and there are stars.